Author: Ozercan, Aliyar

Dorit got NEH Fellowship!

Our director, Dorit Bar-On, has received a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship for next year for completion of her book. The title of her project is the same as ECOM: “Expression, Communication, and Origins of Meaning” and it aims to develop her her neo-expressivist approach to the issue of continuities and discontinuities between animal communication and human language. Congrats Dorit!

Dorit Bar-On Invited to Give a Keynote Address at ESPP 2020

ECOM director Dorit Bar-On has been invited to give a keynote address at the annual conference of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP) 2020 (31st August – 3rd September 2020) in Leipzig, Germany. The aim of the Society is to promote interaction between philosophers, psychologists, and linguists on issues of common concern. ESPP is a great interdisciplinary venue. ECOM members are encouraged to submit papers to this conference – submissions will be solicited beginning in January 2020, so stay tuned!

Upcoming ECOM Events (2019-20)

  1. Our Meet & Greet/ECOM Welcome will take place over refreshments Fri September 13, 3:30-5:00 at the UCHI Seminar Room (Babbidge Library, 4th floor). Come hear recipients of the ECOM 2019 summer fellowships (Ryo, Ken, Aliyar, Eno, and Drew) tell about their summer projects.
  2. Reading group: We’ll be reading a recent book, Transparent Self-Knowledge (OUP, 2018) by Alex Byrne (MIT), We’ll be meeting on the following Thursdays 12:15-1:30 at the Philosophy seminar room, Manchester 227: Sept 5, 19; Oct 10, 24; Nov 7, 14. If you’d like to participate, please let Aliyar ( know. Once we have a list of participants, Dorit will send participants summary notes on the book (prepared by ECOM research specialist Teresa Allen).
  3. Prof. Byrne will be an ECOM guest and will meet reading group members on Nov 15 over lunch. On Nov 15, 4 pm Prof. Byrne will also be giving a keynote talk opening ECOM’s Inaugural Graduate Conference “Kinds of Knowledge” Nov 15-16. Kristin Andrews (York) will give a second keynote talk on Saturday. See details at PhilEvents. We will need help selecting papers, hosting graduate student speakers, chairing sessions, etc. Please let us know if you’re available to help.
  4. This year we’re introducing a new series “ECOM SPOTLIGHT”, featuring ECOM faculty members who will present their current work to the ECOM community. This Fall, Prof. Emily Myers will give a talk on Thurs Oct 17, 12-1:30 Arjona 307, and Prof. Eiling Yee will give a talk on Thurs Dec 5, 12-1:30 Arjona 307.
  5. Also, please mark your calendars, May 13-15! We’ll have a major conference, Expression, Language, and Music (ELM) to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We now have the following invited speakers: Tecumseh Fitch (Biology, Vienna), Kathleen Higgins (Philosophy, Austin TX), Ray Jackendoff (Linguistics, Tufts), Jerrold Levinson (Philosophy, Maryland), Lisa Margulis (Music Cognition, Princeton), Isabelle Peretz (Psychology, Montreal), David Poeppel (Neuroscience, NYU), Ljiliana Progovac (Linguistics, Wayne State).

Phillip Barron Won the Outstanding Student Paper Award of ASA

Our member, Phillip Barron has been awarded one of the Outstanding Student Paper awards for his paper submitted to the American Society of Aesthetics conference in October. See the link below.

The paper, “The role of poetry in Daoist texts,” was his seminar paper for Alexus McLeod’s graduate seminar on Early Chinese Philosophy from last fall.

Congrats, Phil!

Ryo Tanaka Will Give Four Talks (in Japan and Austria)

ECOM member and ECOM Summer ’19 Graduate Research Fellow Ryo Tanaka will be giving talks in Kanazawa University, Tokyo University, Forum for Young Philosophers, and University of Salzburg in the upcoming weeks. We wish him good luck! The titles and dates are,

“Normativity of Meaning and Theories of Linguistic Understanding,” the Annual Meeting for the Japan Society for Philosophy of Science, Kanazawa University, June 19.
“Knowledge of Meaning?: Reconciling the Epistemic Intuitions and Empirical Theories of Linguistic Understanding,” Forum for Young Philosophers, Tokyo, July 13.
“Do We ‘Know’ Meaning?,” Workshop on Philosophy of Language at Tokyo University, July 24.
“Knowledge of Meaning?: Reconciling the Epistemic Intuitions and Empirical Theories of Linguistic Understanding,” SOPhiA 2019 (Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy, 10th annual meeting), University of Salzburg, Austria, Sep 18-20.

Aliyar Ozercan Received IBACS- BIRC Res. Assistantship in Neuroimaging

ECOM member and coordinator Aliyar Ozercan received IBACS-BIRC Research Assistantship in Neuroimaging for 2019-2020 academic year. As an IBRAiN fellow, he will provide a teaching resource to help BIRC users design and implement experimental procedures for fMRI, EEG, TMS and other methodologies, provide resources for data analysis, and oversee use of equipment by others. Congratulations, Aliyar!

ECOM Hosted its 6th Annual Workshop

ECOM hosted its 6th annual workshop on May 3-4 at MCHU/Laurel 305, titled “Communication, Context, Conversation”. The workshop brought researchers working on the pragmatics, linguistic analysis, and comparative and developmental psychology of communication and conversation together.  The workshop schedule can be found under our Events.

Invited speakers include:

Robyn Carston (UCL)

Danielle Matthews (Sheffield)

Anne Bezuidenhout (U of SC)

Mandy Simons (CMU)

Federico Roassano (UCSD)

Also on the program:

Dorit Bar-On (UConn)

Mitch Green (UConn)

Ruth Millikan (UConn)


Our invited contributors are:

Constant Bonard (U of Geneva and U of Antwerp)

Mihnea Capraru (Nazarbayev)

Mike Deigan (Yale)

Rory Harder (U of Toronto)

Poppy Mankowitz (Nova University of Lisbon)

Our invited participants include:

Paul Bloomfield (UConn)

Mark Jary (Roehampton)

Stefan Kaufmann (UConn)

Bill Lycan (UConn)

Craige Roberts (OSU)

Lionel Shapiro (UConn)

William Snyder (UConn)

Zoltan Szabo (Yale)

Catherine Wearing (Wellesley)

Larry Horn (Yale)

Our poster presenters are:

Sam Berstler (Yale)

Ralph DiFranco (Auburn)

Benjamin Lennertz (Colgate) & David Miguel Gray (U of Memphis)

Kate Hazel Stanton (Yale)

Alejandro Vesga (Cornell)