Month: September 2011

Fall 2011

  • Maria Cristina Amoretti and Gerhard Preyer’s edited volume Triangulation: From an Epistemological Point of View — which includes a paper by ECOM members Dorit Bar-On and Matthew Priselac entitled “Triangulation and the Beasts” (see the publications page) — was recently reviewed by Nathaniel Goldberg for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. (To see the review, click here.) Of Bar-On and Priselac’s paper in particular, Goldberg writes, “This is one of the more original essays in the collection. … [T]heir ideas are worth a close look.”
  • The Secretary of the British Wittgenstein Society (BWS), Dr. Ian Ground, has expressed interest in supporting ECOM. Dr. Ground has done work on expressive behavior and animal minds. (For information on the BWS’s upcoming conference on “Enactivism and Animal Minds,” click here.)
  • ECOM will be hosting a Speaker Series during the upcoming academic year! We have invited researchers from Linguistics, Philosophy, and Evolutionary Biology to speak on the nature and origins of meaning. For more information, click here.