Month: January 2023

CFA: Philosophy of Action at 12th Congress of Polish Philosophy

University of Łódź, Polish Philosophical Society and the Committee for Philosophical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences invite philosophers and philosophy enthusiasts to participate in the XII Polish Congress
of Philosophy, which will be held in September 11-16th, 2023 (on the 100th anniversary of the First Polish Congress in Philosophy).

The section Philosophy of Action especially welcomes submissions that aim to discuss
foundational issues and most recent themes related to action and agency. Rigorous and well-elaborated
300-word abstracts may cover a full range of topics in various perspectives and traditions.

Deadline for submissions: April 15th, 2023 (00:00 CET)
decisions: May 15th,
event: September 11-16th 2023;

Submissions via EasyChair:

Drew and Nimra will present at Practical Mental Representations

ECOM members Nimra Asif and Drew Johnson have been selected to give talks at an upcoming conference titled “Practical Mental Representation” (February 16-17, Chapman University, Orange, CA There were only two slots available for contributed talks! They will both be discussing aspects of Ruth Millikan’s work. The conference will be in hybrid format.

Eiling Offers a Course in Spring: Language and Thought Seminar

Dear ECOM community,

Just trying to get the word out about a seminar that I’ll be holding in the spring (Wed 12:30-3:20) that may be of interest to some in the community. Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested!

Course Title: (PSYC 5570) Language and Thought: From sound symbolism to abstract concepts

Course Description: How does language shape thought? Are there thoughts that we cannot have without the support of language? Can the language you speak (or sign) affect what and how you think? In this seminar we will explore the relationship between language and thought, touching on topics like sound symbolism (do some sounds naturally tend to be associated with certain meanings?), how labels shape conceptual development (and perhaps help us form concepts we would otherwise not have), and more broadly, linguistic relativity (e.g., the relationship between language and perception).

Time: Wednesdays 12:30-3:20 PM

More info can be found here (and this is a dynamic page which I will be adding more info to).

Happy new year!