Month: January 2018

Spring 2018

  • ECOM member Jenelle Salisbury and two first-year Philosophy grad students have formed the UConn-sciousness Club , which will be meeting this semester on Tues mornings [from 10AM-11AM in Homer Babbidge Library Video Theater room 1]. If you’d like to get on the Club’s listserv, contact
  • ECOM has launched its Spring speaker series with two talks by Joshua Knobe (Yale) on Jan 26. Please check our events page for additional talks and workshop.
  • ECOM members Bar-On and Ochs have a forthcoming joint paper “The Role of Inner Speech in Self-Knowledge: Against Neo-Rylean Views”, to appear in Teorema.

With contributed papers by:

  • ECOM hosted a talk by Josh Armstrong (Philosophy, UCLA) on May 4, 4-5:30PM in the UCHI Conference Room (Babbidge 4/209), titled “The Evolution of Non-natural Meaning”.
  • ECOM hosted a talk by Jacob Beck (Philosophy, York) on March 2, 4-5:30PM in the UCHI Conference Room (Babbidge 4/209), titled “Chrysippus’ Dog Reconsidered: On the Detection of Logical Reasoning in Nonhuman Animals”.