1. 10/1Professional Development Workshop For ECE/Philosophy Teachers
  1. 10/1Logic Colloquium: Dilip Ninan (Tufts)
  1. 10/6Brown Bag: Mitch Green, “How To Pull An Epistemic Rabbit Out Of A Fictional Hat: On Gaining Knowledge, Or Something Close Enough, From Works Of Fiction.”
  1. 10/8Meaning Group: van Elswyk 2021
  1. 10/11ECOM Spotlight Series: Charles Davis
  1. 10/12Meeting with DGS and 2nd Year Grads
  1. 10/13Philosophy Job Market Prep
  1. 10/13Brown Bag: Shiloh Whitney, "Emotional Labor: Affective Economies And Affective Injustice"
  1. 10/13UCHI Fellow's Talk: Drew Johnson
  1. 10/15Linguistics Colloquium: Miloje Despic (Cornell)
  1. 10/19Meeting with DGS and 3rd Year Grads
  1. 10/20Brown Bag: Ahmad Jabbar And Drew Johnson, TBA (On Expressivism)
  1. 10/22ECOM Speaker Series: Trip Glazer
  1. 10/26Linguistics Colloquium: Artemis Alexiadou
  1. 10/27Brown Bag: Lionel Shapiro, "What Is Logical Deflationism?"