1. 11/4Philosophy Brown Bag: Gunn
  1. 11/6Meaning Group: Sağ 2018
  1. 11/11Philosophy Brown Bag: Melkonian-Altshuler
  1. 11/12ECOM Speaker Series - Jonathan Prather
  1. 11/13Logic Colloquium (Online): Sandra Villata – Intermediate Grammaticality
  1. 11/13CogSci Colloquium Series Presents Jonathan Prather
  1. 11/18Philosophy Brown Bag: Climate Committee
  1. 11/20Doctoral Dissertation Oral Defense Of Tithi Basu Mallik
  1. 11/20Meaning Group: Rullman and Matthewson 2018
  1. 11/30Is The University Colonial?: Critical Conversations On Its Present