ECOM Summer ’19 Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

We’re pleased to announce that ECOM has awarded summer stipends to support four exciting ECOM-related projects:

  • Ken Ito: “The Origins of Denial” ($2,500)
  • Ryo Tanaka: “Knowledge of Meaning: Reconciling the Epistemic Intuition about Meaning and Empirical Theories of Linguistic Understanding” ($2,500)
  • Eno Agolli: “Pragmatic Unsettledness: A Pragmatic Solution to the Syntactic Problems of the-Predicativism” ($1,250)
  • Aliyar Ozercan: “Curiosity: What May Connect Homo Sapiens to the Rest” ($1,250)

Early in the Fall, we’re hoping to host an ECOM event in which these projects will be presented informally.

Congratulations, Ken, Ryo, Eno, and Aliyar!