Phillip Barron to Attend Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute

ECOM member Phillip Barron has been admitted to this summer’s Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute. Sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, this summer research program on mind, cognition, and intelligence will be held at the University of St. Andrews from 6/30/19 – 7/20/19.  

Phillip applied to work with other philosophers, cognitive and neuroscientists, and artists on the relationship between intelligence and narrative. His dissertation gives an account of personal identity in which persons are biological, psychological, and narrative entities. Trans-disciplinary thinking is at the core of his work. Because his project spans philosophy, art, and cognitive science, it will benefit from the opportunity to engage with the DISI faculty and other participants from the cognitive and social sciences. Despite the reputation philosophers have for being solitary thinkers, Phillip believes philosophy is done best in a collaborative setting, listening and exchanging ideas with others.