Summer 2017

  • ECOM Director Dorit Bar-On has a new book manuscript under contract with Oxford University Press: Expression, Communication, and Origins of Meaning.
  • ECOM Director Dorit Bar-On led a three-day masterclass on her work at the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy in Madrid, in June.
  • ECOM member Letitia Naigles has a new book out: Naigles, L. R. (Ed.) (2017) Innovative Investigations of Language in Autism Spectrum Disorder.  NY: APA Books/Walter deGruyter.
  • Grazer Philosophische Studien will publish a volume on themes from the work of ECOM member Mitch Green, entitled ‘From Signaling and Expression to Conversation and Fiction’, featuring 10 authors.
  • ECOM member Mitch Green has a new book coming out with Routledge titled Know Thyself: The Value and Limits of Self-Knoweldge, as well as 14 new articles from 2016-17.
  • ECOM member Jared Henderson has a new paper out: “Deflating the Determination Argument” (Thought, forthcoming). He also gave two talks at the Ohio State University and the Society for Exact Philosophy.
  • Former ECOM student member (and now affiliate member) Kevin Richardson is now Assistant Professor of Philosophy at North Carolina State University. Congratulations Kevin!
  • Former ECOM student member Russell Richie defended his dissertation and took a postdoctoral research position at University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations Russell!